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Rodents (more specifically rats) have been a source of myriad problems for mankind. Rodents are a persistent issue resulting in over $27 billion in annual losses in the United States alone, and much more in rest of the world.

  • Two rat mating “couples” can, over an 8 to 12 month life span, generate 15 million descendants!

  • Rats become sexually mature at the age of 2 months, and can have offspring 4 to 7 times a year, giving birth to 9 to 12 pups each time.

Massive crop and food grain loss;

  • World Food Program estimates a loss of 30-50% of their stored food in distribution facilities from contamination or consumption by rodents.

  • In South East Asia, ⅓ of the rice crop is damaged by field rice rats.

Food contamination;

  • A rat urinates about 4 liters a year and poops 40 to 50 pellets every day, which get spread in and around the things and place they live.

  • Rats shed all their hair twice every year, which blow around and get mixed in food and water, and settle in our surroundings.

Infrastructure damage;

  • Rats not only damage household properties and edibles, they also chew out cables along railway tracks, utility cables, telephone and broadband lines, gas pipelines, and damage sidewalks and footpaths as well as foundations of tall buildings. Their burrows in and around the building foundation can weaken the stability of the building.

Act as disease vectors;

  • Rats carry deadly viruses like E. Coli and Salmonella.

  • Health departments in several countries have to declare warnings against diseases spread by rats.

Threaten natural biodiversity

Rat Reproduction in 12 Months

Our Solution:

Rats are territorial and commensal with human beings. They have tagged along with human population forever, and the traditional approach to tackle the rodent problem has been -

  • To kill the rats by use of toxic chemicals and traps. The primary products used to manage rodent populations are lethal rodenticides.
  • With the use of these methods, rats die a painful death, by bleeding internally until they die. Rodenticides kill by disrupting blood clotting mechanisms and lead to death by blood loss. Bleeding can occur externally or into the gut, tissues, body cavities, joints, and inside the skull. It can sometimes take up to two weeks for the rodents to die after consuming rodenticide.

There has been no innovation or change in rodent control since the Middle Ages, AND THE WORLD STILL HAS A GROWING RAT PROBLEM. There is no permanent sustained reduction in population, and killing rats often creates a rebound effect: surviving rats can reproduce even faster and neighboring rats can move in to fill the temporary vacuum created by poisoning.

  • Killing with poisons and traps is not justinhumane , it is not sustainable over the long run.
Changing the paradigm of pest management

A technology that targets the root cause of the problem – Reproduction

NeoVenta Solutions brings a totally new approach to tackle this age old problem.

This is not just a product, but a solution to the rodent problem, that has been developed after seven years of research based on science and the behavioral study of the target rats.

  • This patented technology developed in the USA works by chemically inducing irreversible infertility by accelerating the natural egg loss in female rats. The product also affects male rats by decreasing their reproductive efficiency. Consumption of the product causes a decline in rat litter size as early as 2 weeks after ingestion. The product is delivered in bait stations in liquid form.
  • The liquid bait is placed in Tier 1 bait stations that are tamper proof, weather proof, pet proof and most importantly, child proof.  After multiple bait takes, both the male and female rats are sub fertile, producing significantly fewer rat pups.  Depending on the rat population being targeted, the bait may be put out several times a year.
  • The non-lethal compound is placed in a liquid bait that brings rats back for seconds, thirds and more. The rats happily help themselves until over a few weeks both the males and the females become infertile. Otherwise they continue to lead normal lives without any observable side effects.
  • Rats need to consume generous amounts of liquid every day, and the bait gives them an attractive source. Once ingested, the formula quickly becomes inactive. It is designed to be environmentally neutral when excreted
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Socially Impacting

Product Highlights:

  • Tried and Tested by

    • New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) also known as New York’s Subway system,
    • The City of Somerville, USA
    • The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) at the National Wildlife Research Center, in Fort Collins, Colorado
    • Agricultural settings and food producing facilities in North Carolina, USA
    • Endorsed by National Institute of Health, USA
  • Non-lethal to the rodents, to non-target animals, and to humans

  • Rats metabolize the product in 15 minutes after consuming, and the excreted waste of rats contains no active ingredient.

  • The product is environmentally neutral. Any product that comes in direct contact with soil or water is rapidly broken down into inactive by-products.

  • The product is not harmful to the skin and cannot be inhaled.

Areas of Application::

  • Large food storage facilities in public and private sector

  • Food production facilities

  • Railways, docks and shipyards

  • Agricultural settings

  • Poultry farms and animal breeding facilities

  • Large building structures, Hotels, Hospitals

  • Housing Estates, Restaurants, Food Courts

  • Any areas with rodent problem


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